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Made in America – Sam Walton

Made in America - Sam Walton

Sam Walton (The founder of Wal-Mart) opened a department store in a small town in Arkansas in 1962. Now Wal-Mart is worth more than $230 billion (and his family is worth more than $140 billion). His story and his strategy are laid out in this book.

This is what I learnt from Made in America by Sam Walton:

  • Get involved in everything. I really think this seems to be a common trait among successful people.
  • Be humble enough to learn from everybody. When Sam Walton was running his first store in Arkansas, he spent lots of time in his competitor’s store across the street. And as Wal-Mart was growing larger and larger, Sam and his team would always be trying to learn from employees in the stores to find new ideas for the company.
  • The value of missed opportunities. Sam Walton says, “A computer can tell you to the dime what you’ve sold. But it can never tell you how much you could have sold.”

So many people have never heard of this book, which I find bizarre. Who wouldn’t want to learn from a man who has built a company worth $230 billion?!?
It’s here if you want:

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