Spartan Up! – Joe De Sena

Spartan Up! - Joe De SenaJoe De Sena became addicted to adventure racing. These races can be hundreds of miles long and last 10+ days.  When he started competing in Iron Man Competitions he couldn’t believe how easy they were because “they’re only 12 hours long”. He is also the founder of Spartan Race.

This is is what I learned from Spartan Up! by Joe De Sena:


  • Focus on what you can do right now
  • Pushing yourself to new limits resets what is “normal” for you
  • Enduring mental suffering increases mental strength for all the other parts of your life

I had heard it said over and over, to the point of frustration, that “the secret to success is hard work”. And my reaction would always be That’s not even a secret! But how do I rewire my brain to become the sort of person who will do that hard work?!?” The first chapter of this book answered that question for me: put yourself through mental suffering. When I think of successful people that I have met or read about they all have incredible mental strength. I can begin today by working my body until I’m Nick Novak Jersey physically ruined and then pushing on with the strength of my mind.