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Devil At My Heels – Louis Zamperini

Devil At My Heels - Louis Zamperini


Louis Zamperini lived an insane life, fighting and vandalising as a delinquent teenager, meeting Adolf Hitler while competing at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, bombing Japanese-occupied islands during WW2, spending 47 days floating on a raft at sea, fighting off sharks while being shot at by a Japanese bomber, taking daily beatings as a POW for 2 years and finally, trying to return to normal life. This thing is totally crazy from start to finish.

This is what I learned from Devil At My Heels by Louis Zamperini:

  • Learn to be more Resilient. Just after his bomber crash lands in the ocean, he and 2 other guys survive on a the plane’s wholesale football jerseys China inflatable rubber lifeboats and within minutes one of the guys is Miguel Castro jersey womens screaming “We’re gonna die! We’re all gonna die!!” So he punches him out Wholesale Jerseys and then in his book he says this: “Everybody in the service gets the same combat training. We go to the front line with the same equipment. When the chips are down, some will panic and get court-martialed. Why? Because we’re not all brought up the same. I was raised to face any challenge. If a guy’s raised with short pants and pampering, sure, he goes through the same training, but in combat, he can’t face it. He hasn’t been hardened to life. It’s important to be hardened to life” …I don’t ever want to be the guy who’s screaming after less than 5 minutes on a life cheap jerseys raft
  • If your having problems, be honest and and examine yourself. It can be a painful, but it will probably be worth it. When Louis returns home after the war, he’s obviously not the same as Cheap Jerseys when he left and he spirals downward. cheap jerseys China He starts drinking and lashing out at his family, he can’t sleep, his injuries sustained as a POW prevent him from returning to athletics and he becomes depressed. He says: I had to go through a period of doubt, despondency and painful self-examination. Often I’d sit in the apartment for hours, without speaking to anyone. This was my trial period, during which I descended from the elation and satisfaction into the valley of despair. And unlike the war, when I faced obstacles and overcame them, this time I did not have the self-confidence. Then, I’d taken survival-training courses, knew I was in great physical shape. Now I was simply a baby.” He makes it through the darkness, where others might not. He starts a charity for helping young offenders, travels to Japan to meet and offer forgiveness to the guards who beat him…and then proceeds to live a long, happy life.


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